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Dipton Substation 2017

Dipton Substation Upgrade Project

Dipton Substation in Northern Southland was originally supplied at 33kV from Heddon Bush, with backup from Lumsden. Reliability and capacity at Dipton were increased with a new 66kV transmission circuit from Centre Bush Substation, through Dipton and on to Lumsden via the Oreti Valley 66kV transmission circuit.

The substation was fully offloaded with the use of the Mobile Substation for the duration of the project.

Site work began in May 2017.  By December 2017 the expanded yard included a new control room, a new 66/11kV 5 MVA Transformer, two 66kV Auto Air Break Switches, a new 66kV SF6 CB for the Transformer, 11kV Incoming CB, 11kV VT and Local Service transformer. There was also a significant upgrade to the protection on both the 66kV and 11kV circuits.

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