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Lumsden Substation 2017 - 2019

Lumsden Substation Greenfield Project

The existing Lumsden 33/11kV Substation located in Northern Southland was upgraded as part of a series of projects to expand the 66kV transmission network into the Oreti Valley.

The new substation was an expansion of the original site.

The project began in October 2017 with offloading some 11kV circuits to begin the substation rebuild.  In December 2018 the new 66/11kV supply was commissioned as Stage 1. June 2019 Stage 2 was completed which included T3 66/33kV transformer and a 33kV supply from Lumsden to the Riversdale area. The final stage saw the Oreti Valley 66kV ring network closed with a 66kV supply from Mossburn CB322 in September of 2019.

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