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Power Quality Monitoring

Power Quality

Decom Electrical have powerful monitoring equipment to measure and record power quality data and electrical disturbances. The Sonel PQM703 can capture a wide range of PQ events and record time-plots of almost any electrical characteristic. A comprehensive report can be tailored to suit, identifying any PQ issues, compliance with EN 50160 (voltage characteristics of electricity supplied by public distribution systems) giving the end user valuable information on electrical performance.

We have the resources to engineer and install solutions to power quality disturbances.

For a copy of a Demo Report click here.

Energy Auditing

Our equipment can be used to record energy profiles and power consumption, giving the asset owner accurate data for energy saving or capital expenditure decision making.

We can install monitoring equipment ourselves or send to site for installation by local electricians. Our Engineers can then remotely monitor and configure the test equipment.

Power Factor Correction

Lower operating costs and reduce overloading by correct application of properly engineered, modern power factor correction equipment. Decom can assess your PF requirements and install a solution. As an independent contractor we will work hard for our customers to recommend the best solution using the latest technology.

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